Offshore company formation

Time frame for incorporation: 1-2 days * Offshore company formation online

We provide our corporate and tax-planning services across a range of international jurisdictions, allowing you to choose the location that best suits your needs.

You can register your offshore company (sometimes called "off shore company" or "offshore business") within 24 hours or choose a ready made (shelf) company in BVI, Belize, Seychelles and Marshall Islands.

International jurisdictions we work in include:

  • British Virgin Islands (BVI) company
  • Belize company
  • Seychelles company
  • St. Vincent company
  • Marshall Islands company
  • Bahamas company
  • Cayman Islands company
  • others

Jurisdictions in which offshore companies are registered, often referred to as tax havens, do not impose any corporate tax, thus offering an obvious benefit for business owners.

However, for most clients, we normally use offshore company jurisdictions in conjunction with a company in Cyprus. This allows the business to keep its European "face", while also realising the benefits of favourable tax rates elsewhere.

To discuss the pros and cons of different jurisdictions for your business, just fill in the Contact Form or contact a business specialist on +357 24812050, email

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