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Time frame for incorporation: 7-10 days Register a Cyprus company
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Which kind of company do you want?

Option A: a ready-made company?

This is the easiest, quickest and most inexpensive option. All you do is choose a name you like from our list of ready-made IBCs and leave it to us to get on with it. Knowing the entities name and structure has been pre-approved removes doubt and allows you to start trading within 24 – 48 hours. Directors and shareholders are Meridian nominees.

Option B: a made-to-measure company?

This option is a more flexible than option A. It allows you to create a name of your choosing for your company in Cyprus and to appoint your own directors and shareholders as distinct to nominees. You will have to wait (3 working days) for your IBC name to be approved by the Registrar of Companies but subject to that proviso, you will have the benefit of applying your own identity or branding to your IBC. Following the Registrar's approval of your name, the company formation documents will then be submitted for approval . The company will be ready to start business within 15 – 20 days, or if you are in a hurry, within 2 – 3 days, provided a small premium fee of EUR 300 is applied.

If you choose one of our ready made companies, you can be in business within 24 hours: if you prefer to set up a new, made to measure company, the process can take as little as 6 –7 days.

What our company lawyers will need to know

  • Tell us what the main activities of the company are going to be
  • Complete the forms
  • If a bank account is required we will need to know:

    1. which of our five partner banks you wish to open the account with
    2. the account's currency and the type of account you require and
    3. who the signatories will be and what combination of signatures (if any) are required
  • Directors and shareholders must provide a copy of the ID page from their passports
  • Proof of residence must be provided in the form of a utility bill or bank statement
  • Each beneficial owner/ director/shareholder will be required to submit a reference letter (please ask for a template)
  • We will then apply to the Registrar of Companies to approve your company name: a process can take between 2 to 3 working days.
  • Once the name has been approved, the company formation documents will be submitted and your company will be up and running in as little as 6 – 7 days.
  • Alternatively and if you need to start business now , just choose one of our available shelf companies and you will be doing business today.

Forming your company

On receipt of your instructions, we will file the necessary documents for registering your company. As soon as the registration process is complete, you'll be sent a full set of documents, at which point you can start trading. The documents you receive will be: Certificate of Incorporation, Certificate of Company Registered Office, Certificate of Directors, Certificate of Shareholders, and Company Memorandum and Articles of Association and the first company minutes.

Where nominee services are included, additional documents will be supplied. As well as registering your company name and incorporating your Cyprus company we will ensure that it complies fully with the all relevant laws and regulations. We will also organise and record the minutes of board and shareholder meetings and whenever any resolutions are passed, file the reports with the appropriate authority.

Do you want a Cyprus-resident company? If so you will be protected by Cyprus' double taxation treaty agreements and the European Union treaty.

How your company works in practice?

The answer is, the same as it works where you are now. You run your business (whatever that may be) in Cyprus in the same way as you would run it at home — wherever that may be. Your company can be 100% foreign owned — i.e. you don't need a Cypriot business partner and unless you provide financial services, there's no minimum investment level. (Having country-resident nominee directors does however enable the company to a tax residence certificate with the attendant tax benefits.) You can use your Cyprus company to issue sales invoices for the goods and services you supply to your customers or clients. Your suppliers address their invoices to your Cyprus company. Electronic payments and payments received by cheque or cash are banked in the usual way through your Cyprus bank account.

Your company must have:

  • A registered office, which can be an office you set up and lease, or a business centre facility (provided by Meridian Trust)
  • A tax number which must appear on the company's sales invoices

Your company can have:

  • Employees: all of whom must be registered with the Department of Social Insurance
  • Employees can be Cypriots or expatriates — the choice is yours
  • A business telephone and fax line
  • A business website and an e-mail address

Other requirements

Your company will need at least one director, one shareholder and a company secretary, which can be a person or a company. The authorised, issued and paid up capital of an IBC is one share, worth one Euro. You must also hold the company's AGM in Cyprus. Your company will have to keep accounts, which must be audited annually and submitted to Cyprus' Inland Revenue and copies to the Registrar of Companies.

How long does the registration of a company take*?

See our Cyprus company registration FAQ section to see how long does the registration of a company take.

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