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Meridian Trust - Corporate & Fiduciary Services

We've been helping businesses and their advisers form companies and provided expert advice on the establishment and implementation of complex cross-border tax planning arrangements for more than a decade.

Many corporate law firms, business consultants, financial advisers and other intermediaries from all over the world entrust us to hold assets on their behalf knowing that those assets are being managed solely for the benefit of their clients. Unlike ordinary and unqualified company formation agents, our practising business lawyers, tax professionals and auditors are required to adhere to the strict codes of conduct and ethics imposed by their governing bodies.

Although we are based in Cyprus, through our network of business consultants, lawyers and tax professionals we are able to provide company formation and tax planning services across many jurisdictions including the British Virgin Islands, Seychelles, Belize, St Vincent, Bahamas, Cayman Islands and others.

No problems — just solutions

At Meridian Trust the right hand always knows what the left hand is doing. When you want action taking, you only have to tell us once. You'll have a dedicated case handler who will stay with you from start to finish.

On those occasions when you need to speak to one of our company lawyers or tax professionals, he or she will have all the background they need to provide you with fully informed answers to your questions. Another point of difference is that we are very willing to work with third parties including tax lawyers, accountants, bankers and business consultants.

So nobody has a better understanding of the situation from your perspective — or what you're looking in terms of service and value for money — than we do. Put us to the test and you'll see what we mean. And once your IBC is set up, our team of accountants, bankers, lawyers and tax professionals will help ensure you extract maximum financial value from the arrangement.

It's not what we do; it's the way that we do it…

The difference between us and other tax lawyers and business lawyers is that with us, it's personal. We're a small, highly professional and cohesive team. We understand that our role is essentially a very simple one: we exist to make it easy as possible for you to establish a business presence here in Cyprus.

About Meridian Trust - Corporate & Fiduciary Services

Do you want us to form a limited liability company using your own company name or brand? Or perhaps you'd prefer a ready-formed entity – in which case your company could be up and running by this time tomorrow. Just tell us what you want and we'll handle it from there: quickly, quietly and efficiently.

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